The principal of Crockett Elementary has been charged and is now on administrative leave for allegedly not reporting as required by Texas law possible sexual abuse to law enforcement within 48 hours after it was reported to her.

Kory Fancher Dorman was charged Wednesday and is not listed in the Wichita County jail log.     
The charge is a class a misdemeanor.

According to the arrest affidavit, Dorman was notified by three grandparents that their 7-year-old grandson was sexually assaulted by a fellow first-grade student in the bathroom at Crockett elementary on December 15.

They told police they notified Dorman and also told her a third student may also have been involved. Police say Dorman confirmed talking to the grandparents and that they told her a boy touched their 7-year-old grandson in his private area.

Dorman said she was delegating the responsibility of investigating the complaint to the school counselor, but she said she did not report the incident to law enforcement.

A statement from a WFISD Spokesperson says Dorman is on administrative leave and that she has an excellent employment history. 

It’s believed she has been Crockett principal for 4 years.

The official statement from WFISD: 

“Kory Dorman, Crockett Elementary principal, is currently on administrative leave. However, WFISD has not received information from Wichita Falls PD. Mrs. Dorman has an excellent employment history in WFISD, and we will be doing an internal investigation to determine the next steps. “