Details emerging in Cody Workman case


We now know much more about what an officer says happened when a man was shot last week after escaping from the North Texas State Hospital. Affidavits became available after 28-year-old Cody workman was released from the hospital and booked into jail.

Detectives say they were advised after the escape, Workman is extremely violent and dangerous and is a danger to the public. The affidavits say he was arrested in Young County for felony stalking and fought with sheriff’s officials during the arrest.

Also, that Workman had mental issues, and refused to take medicine and eat in the Young County Jail so he was brought to the State Hospital for court ordered treatment. The affidavits say at around 3:30 last Wednesday afternoon Officer John Ricketts located Workman in the 24- hundred block of Rathgeber Road and called out over the police radio before pursuing him on foot.

One affidavit says Workman ran through front yards and then back toward officer Ricketts’ patrol vehicle that was unlocked with the driver’s side window down and the engine running. It says Workman opened the driver’s side door and was then apparently tased by Ricketts but the Taser had no effect.

That’s when Officer Ricketts told detectives he heard the engine rev and saw Workman turn the tires to the left and drive in his direction. One affidavit says officer Ricketts was hit by the left front of the vehicle and the left front tire rolled over his left foot. It says the driver’s side mirror struck Ricketts’ torso and his right forearm was hit by the driver’s side window frame.

The affidavit also says a witness saw what was happening and tried to ram the patrol unit to stop Workman, but that Workman was still able to drive south through rough terrain before coming out and across Highway 79 and coming to a stop.

Workman is now in the Wichita County jail charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer, evading, and theft over 30,000 under 150,000 dollars. His bonds come to 65- thousand dollars.

We know at some time Workman was shot. The affidavits do not say anything about how or when that happened.

Sergeant Harold McClure said no other information will be released other than what’s in the affidavits.

Officer Ricketts has been on paid leave during the internal review.

In early February 2012, he was involved in a fatal shooting.
He tried to pull over a car driven by 48- year- old Edward Washington the 3rd before Washington crashed on Otis Polk drive.

Police said when Washington got out of the car and “confronted” officer Ricketts he was shot in the chest. A grand jury later reviewed the incident and found no grounds for a criminal charge.

The following information was released today August 18th by WFPD. Below is what was stated in the police affidavits:

On 08-09-17 Officers had been searching In the area of the North Texas state Hospital located at 6515 Kemp since 0930 hrs due to a Cody Workman escaping out the back of the property. Officers were advised Cody was very dangerous and was a danger to the public Cody had been arrested by the Young County SO for felony stalking and fought with them during the arrest. He had some mental issues and refused to take medicine and eat at their jail. He was brought to the North Texas State Hospital by Young County SO for court ordered treatment.

At 1530hrs Ofc Ricketts, who was patrolling In marked WFPD unit# 6139 and wearing a WFPD uniform with distinctive WFPD patches and badge, located Cody at Rathgeber/Stonelake. Ofc. Ricketts exited his patrol vehicle and Cody fled from him on foot.  During this time Ofc. Ricketts deployed his X26 Taser. But It had no effect. Ofc. Ricketts and Cody got Into a physical struggle. Cody was able to overpower Ofc. Ricketts and make it in his WFPD patrol vehicle. Ofc RIcketts struggled with Cody to gain control of the patrol vehicle, but Cody was able to get In the WFPD patrol vehicle and struck Ofc. Ricketts with the vehicle. A witness, who observed Cody fight Ofc. Ricketts, tried ramming the WFPD patrol vehicle to stop Cody, but he was able to drive southbound through the property before getting Into the 2200 blk of Hwy 79.

On 08-09-17 at 0926 hours WFPD dispatched officers to the area of the North Texas State Hospital located at 6515 Kemp Blvd. in reference to a check suspicious person. Information was dispatched that a white male with brown hair named Cody Workman had escaped from the state hospital. Information was dispatched that Workman was court committed from Young County and he was extremely violent and had assaulted peace officers in the past. The WFPD participated in a multi agency search of the area for the escapee for several hours. At 1219 the multi agency search was suspended however a roving patrol was maintained in the area. WFPD Officer John Ricketts badged # 686 patrolling in WFPD Unit #6139 was assigned as part of this roving patrol still searching for Cody Workman.

At approximately 1530 hours Officer Ricketts located Cody Workman in the 2400 block of Rathgeber Rd. and called out over the police radio that he was in foot pursuit. Officer Ricketts was wearing a a WFPD Patrol; uniform including WFPD shoulder patches and WFPD badge. Officer Ricketts was driving a WFPD Patrol vehicle marked with the word Po,lice and WFPD emblems, markings and overhead lights. Officer Ricketts removed his CED (conducted energy device “taser”) from his utility belt as he began pursuing Workman on foot eastbound through the front yards of 2400 and 2402 Rathgeber Rd. Workman was being passively resistant at that point due to Ricketts identifying himself as a police officer and ordering Workman to stop. Workman ran east and then turned back west and began running westbound on Rathegeber Rd toward Ricketts’ parol vehicle. Ricketts was pursuing on foot but was unable to close the distance of approximately 30 feet between himself and and Workman. Workman was able to make it to Ricketts vehicle which was unlocked with the driver’s side window down and the engine running. Workman opened the driver’s side door and at that point Ricketts deployed his taser and possibly struck Workman with one barb in the upper back area. This had no affect on Workman as he continued entering the patrol vehicle. Ricketts was approaching the vehicle at that time and he heard the engine on the patrol vehicle “rev” and he saw Workman turn the tires to the left which was directly toward Ricketts. Workman put the vehicle in drive at that time and accelerated toward Ricketts. Ricketts was struck with the left front of the patrol vehicle and the left front tire rolled over Ricketts’ left foot. As the vehicle continued moving forward Ricketts yelled for Workman to stop and the driver’s side mirror struck Ricketts’ torso. Ricketts right forearm was struck by the driver’s side window frame. Ricketts suffered minor injuries such as an abrasion and bruising to his right arm, bruising to his left torso and bruising to his left foot. All of these injuries caused Ricketts to feel pain. 

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