WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— Districts 3 , 4 and 5 all have several contenders fighting for a spot on the city council.

District 4 holds the most possible candidates with three in contention for the chair: Mike Battaglino, Kevin Hunter and Sam Pak, and all three are huge figures in the community.

Mike Battaglino was an airman turned to family man after his career. Battaglino now works at Sheppard air force base as a civil servant in training and education. With his involvement on base, Battaglino sees the opportunity for collaboration to allow for growth within Wichita falls.

“I know a lot of people campaign on growth, but what I don’t think a lot of people focus on is the collaboration piece, so I kind of feel like we’re disjointed,” Battaglino said. “We have all these different pillars of our community that are working on great things to grow Wichita falls but we’re not necessarily talking to one another.”

Business man Kevin Hunter is passionate about ensuring Wichita falls retains the vital resource of water. Hunter recalls the struggle in 2015 when lake levels were at 19 percent. He is focused on ensuring Wichita falls maintains its water. “In the short term we’re going to have these drought restriction cycles ever for five six years,” Hunter said. “I mean, that’s that’s concerning to me when I’m spending $600 a month to water my yard or fill up a swimming pool, I mean, we’ve got to do things now, I guess are looking at the shorter term issues. And I think lake Kickapoo is the answer.”

Samuel Pak, a financial planner, believes Wichita falls is at a critical point in whether the city will survive. As a financial planner, Pak created a plan with feasible goals for the next several years. He believes if the city starts to establish a strategic plan, the city will be restored. “My issue is we do not have five or ten years for someone to learn as they’re on the job.” Pak said. We need someone that knows what the issues are and if they want to take this plan and run with it, I’m okay with that too.”

The three candidates are on the ballot for the November election and all want to see the city succeed.