WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — District 5 contains essentially everything north of Iowa Park Road.

Two men, Tom Taylor and Steve Jackson are battling it out again for the coveted council chair.

Steve Jackson, the incumbent chair, seeks re-election for his final term in office. The former Air Force mechanic states he is seeking re-election to finish the projects he spearheaded throughout the years.

“It’s my unfinished business that I want to do,” said Jackson. “I have had three bus shelters installed and we are working I’m working with the department of transportation and Tex Dot now to get Old Iowa Park road repaved, and they’re going to widen the shoulders and make it a bicycle lane friendly.”

Additionally, Jackson notes he wants to continue to care for the people of District 5 as he has for the past five years.

The challenger, Tom Taylor, looks to dethrone the incumbent chair. Taylor, built a life in Wichita Falls through the past 38 years after his retirement from the Air Force. He wants to be the voice of the people for District 5 and aims improve the quality of life for Wichita Falls to move the city forward.

“We have to improve the overall quality of life for Wichita Falls,” said Taylor. “This is going to keep our young people here. This is going to bring new people to the to the city. More importantly, though, it’s going to bring industry and jobs and better paying jobs. So a quality of life and quality of life of a broad spectrum.”