Drink and Clink owner gives helping hand to community


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Whether you’ve had your business shut down, your paycheck cut in half, or laid off entirely; the last thing you should see are empty store shelves.

Grocery shopping at the big box chains is getting tougher nowadays with more and more people panic-buying during this ongoing COVID-19 crisis, putting out-of-work people like El Chico’s worker, Tammy Ayala in a tough situation.

“For people like me who are living day to day, it’s scary because when you go to the store you don’t have anything.”

Thankfully, that’s where Brenna Pohlod comes in. After having to close her bar and dessert shop, Drink and Clink, Brenna still wanted to give back, and expanded her orders from her supplier to include the needs of others.

“I needed to place an order with my distributor for a couple of products that I needed for myself but didn’t have such a large order and they have minimums so I thought, you know, I’m going to open it up, ” says Brenna. “I made a post and by the end of it we ended up with 41 families that ordered and we got donations to be able to help another 20 families, so a total of 60-65 families worth of groceries just came through my door It’s stuff like chicken, hamburger meat, cheese, butter, eggs, milk cream, strawberries, there’s a couple of fruits”

Of course, during this time of social distancing and disinfecting, Brenna and her Clink crew work hard to make sure these orders are handled with care.

“We wipe down everything with our Clorox wipes before, we’re only allowing one person at a time to pick up their orders, we have a section of the building that’s used for figuring out everyone’s orders and the other side is for actual orders that are placed, that people can come in and go to that one side, pick up their orders.”

Even major organizations like Special Olympics Texas are working with Brenna to help feed clients who can’t do it themselves.

Executive Director of the northwest region Mike Strickland says, “Our population, you know, they’re isolated, a lot of them don’t have transportation to get out and drive to the grocery store and so this is an amazing opportunity that she has provided.”

Even as some families still can’t afford to pay for these orders, it seems Brenna’s generous spirit has spread to others.

“We had had a guy actually see one of those [Facebook posts], and messaged me directly and said hey I want to pay for that lady’s groceries, I said well there’s actually a couple of other families like that so whatever you want to donate, we’re going to do that and we’ll want to put together as many care packages as we can because we know there’s other people in our community, and he donated $500.”

*Update: Altogether, $750 have been donated to Clink’s grocery list.

Times are tough, but life gets sweeter when you share compassion and kindness to people who need it most, as Brenna says:

“None of us are going to make if we don’t work together…And I’m also hoping that through all of this, what we’ve all learned when we get out of this, that we can take the lessons that we’ve learned and carry them on and just be better humans and a better human race.”

If you’d like to place a grocery list order or donate to Drink and Clink’s efforts, click here.

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