THROCKMORTON (KFDX/KJTL) – Throckmorton Collegiate ISD not only came back from spring break with warmer weather but also a new face to lead the school district.

After the resignation of former superintendent Dr. Michelle Cline last November, Throckmorton Collegiate ISD began spring break with new beginnings following the hiring of new Superintendent Dr. Charles Mims.

“It was pretty emotional, I told my wife and I let her know, and she was scared. She asked, ‘are you sure you want to do this?’ and I told her absolutely, this is a place getting back into west Texas and being closer to my parents, and after coming and visiting the school district, I found this is the best place in the world to raise my daughters,” Superintendent of Throckmorton Collegiate ISD Dr. Charles Mims.

Interim Superintendent Todd Wilson, who is also the retired Superintendent of Chillicothe, said what made Mims different from the rest of the candidates was his variation of knowledge.

“There were a number of quality candidates but Dr. Mims rose to the top, just because of his prior experience in both extracurricular, being a coach, but he’s got extremely strong skills academically, and I think that’s what really brought him to the top of the pile,” Wilson said.

From coach to teacher to administrator and even principal prior to his hiring, Mims has done it all. He said what he’s learned over the years is the importance of a positive environment.

“When your staff members are happy, your students are also happy, and then everything works itself after that. So that’s going to be my main goal, to figure out what ways I can positively impact the climate and culture here to make my staff and students are happier.” Dr. Mims said.

Wilson said he knows that Mims will push for the progression of the school district and will expand their programs.

“Using our maker space, using our AG facilities, vocational programs, all of those, he’s going to push forward with the momentum that’s already coming with him,” Wilson said.

In recent years, Mims said he’s noticed a decrease of enrollment but is determined to bring those families back to the district who have left.

“The last thing that I want to see is people living in our community and going to school elsewhere, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure we are representing a very positive district, and really doing everything we can, to get our families that have left here to come back or entice families to want to move here.” Dr. Mims said.

A bright mind, creating a bright future for Throckmorton Collegiate ISD. Many exciting changes are happening in Throckmorton right now. The construction of the new school is also underway after a $30 million bond was passed, and is expected to open fall of next year.