GRAHAM (KFDX/KJTL) — After much discussion and parental surveys, Graham ISD, like many districts in Texas, has made the decision to go to a four-day schedule next school year, but some parents are having mixed feelings.

“There’s a different answer to this,” parent Amy Stewart said. “I don’t believe a 4-day long school week is the way to go.”

Ultimately, it’s something Graham ISD parent Erika Schmidt believes was necessary.

“The thought of breaking it down for teachers and that’s what they were asking for, I thought, ‘well I’m going to listen and I’m going to support what our staff is asking for mostly,” Schmidt said.

She’s not the only one, as the district sent out a survey to find out how many parents would be in favor of it. The majority who responded were in favor of it and Schmidt thinks it is important for morale purposes as well.

“I feel like it’s going to really help them and our students,” Schmidt said. “Our life is crazy and busy all of the time and I think this will give us great breathing room for them.”

Stewart disagrees and thinks it’s going to be a burden on parents.

“There are many people in our community that that’s going to put a huge hardship on their work,” Stewart said. “I’m very fortunate that I have my mother and father that help me out but lots of people don’t have that.”

One of the biggest concerns is for parents that have a full-time, Monday through Friday job. Schmidt said there are options out there for parents in need of child care.

“We as a community of Graham are great in adapting,” Schmidt said. “We have things like Graham Backpack Buddies, we have churches that open up their doors for children, teenagers, all of these things so I’m just really excited to see how our community pulls together to help these families.”

However, Stewart said that option doesn’t work for her.

“I do have a child that has autism but I can’t just drop her off somewhere,” Stewart said. “They might have something she might not like and then it’s a huge meltdown. I can’t just drop her off anywhere. That may be okay for some but that’s just not an option for me.”

Even though they disagree on the new schedule, they both agree on wanting what’s best for the students.

Graham ISD joins Prairie Valley, Petrolia, and Montague as schools that do a 4-day school week. Nocona ISD went to a four-and-a-half-day week.

Across Texas, around 50 mostly rural districts have gone 4-day, with staffing shortages one of the primary reasons. Many districts say it is easier to attract new teachers to 4-day schools.