WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – A four-wheel STEAM Machine will be making its way across Wichita Falls ISD next year.

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, which is exactly what this four-wheel machine will bring to campuses all over WFISD.

Six months ago, WFISD handed over a 2005 bus to Ruben’s House of Classics.

“First thing we did was have a meeting, we brainstormed it, and I had an idea of what they wanted, from there it took off to what it is now, so we designed this bus, it had a few renderings, and this is the one they chose,” Owner of Ruben’s House of Classics Ruben Rodriguez said.

Fast forward six months later, that bus is now a WFISD STEAM Machine. All the woodwork, fabrication, and hands that had a part in this, were done by Ruben and his team.

“I wanted this bus to benefit all kids, all ages, all heights, with that being said, I went with different heights for the cabinets, I went with the floor for the benches, and then the Lego flooring, I think that went really really well, and then with the TV’s, that came out nice, the TV that has the WIFI, so it’s going to be used for multiple things,” Rodriguez said.

The bus is an all-inclusive STEM education center on wheels with Lego floors you’ll find mini drones, desks, a touch screen white board and so much more.

WFISD Director of Technology Curtis Shahan said they wanted a bus that could expose children to the opportunities the STEM field offers.

“STEM is something that, needs to be promoted needs to be pushed within our schools and we’re hoping that the community sees that we are taking a focus on STEAM within our classrooms and within our students to try to help them, at least see the opportunities that are available in science, in mathematics, in art, engineering,” Shahan said.

Schools will be able to take turns using the bus by simply requesting and reserving it for the day.

“The plan is for next year, the STEAM bus will be rolling and the schools will be able to reserve the bus to come out to the school for the day, they’ll be able to set up a specific lesson planning type material that they want to cover or they can just have general activities going on,” Shahan said.

Providing opportunities for our children to impact the world.

Shahan said their focus will begin with elementary and middle school before moving up to high school students.