WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Wichita Falls Independent School District Board of Trustees considered changes to its transfer policy for elementary students.

In a vote Monday evening, the board unanimously approved an amendment to the transfer request with an appeal process being adopted.

The goal of the school board is to keep students near their neighborhood school but for parents who wish to file an appeal for a transfer that form will go to Assistant Superintendent Peter Griffiths. If an additional appeal is requested it would then go to school board.

Superintendent Dr. Donny Lee said they are willing to work with parents with special circumstances.

“A parent said ‘I’m a single mom, and I’m having difficulty with transportation.’ Well, we’re going to be empathetic to those types of things, and through the appeals process, those types of extenuating circumstances can raise themselves up to the forefront, and the board can take action on that and say ‘I do understand. I am empathetic with your situation. We will grant your appeal,” Lee said.

Substitute teachers who work in the WFISD will see an increase in pay, especially the more days they work.

Current pay rates are $110 a day for certified teachers, $90 a day for degrees-noncertified and $80 a day for those without degrees. New incentives include an extra $5 per day for a minimum of seven days worked, $7 per day for nine days worked and $10 per day for 10 or more days worked.