Kouponing with Katie: Stretching your budget during the holidays and beyond

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(KFDX/KJTL) — What would you think if we gave you a creative way to save on turkey with all the trimmings and much more this holiday season? And what if we said you could feed 10 people for under $30?

It might sound too good to be true, but NBC’s Vicky Nguyen is going to show us how to stretch our budgets during the holidays and beyond.

Tis the season of giving and this year, consumers are expected to spend more than $1,000 during the holidays.

33-year-old Katie Hernandez , a mom of two from southern California is showing us how to save on the year’s biggest meal.

Vicky: You’re telling me we can do an entire holiday meal for $30? Katie: For under $30 for 10 people. We’re looking for it to get to down about $.49 a pound and when it does you can stack that with other coupons like a $3 off $10 meat coupon.

And all the trimmings

Katie: The next thing we’re going to buy is stuffing. These are going to be on sale for just $1.29 a box.

Cranberry sauce, green beans, all bargain buys.

Reporter: Look at that, you landed at $29.03? Nailed it!

So how did she do it?

Katie said “Couponing to most people means saving $.50 on a can of soup to me it means saving 90% or more on every aspect of things that come into our home.”

Vicky: How do you make that happen? Katie: It’s basically stacking everything from coupons to sales. All of it ends up being what I like to call the perfect storm.

Vicky: This is Katie’s perfect storm. Let’s use wrapping paper as an example.

  • Wrapping paper retails for $10.
  • It’s on sale for $6.
  • She has a manufacturer’s coupon for $2.
  • Gets $2 back through a store rewards program which most groceries and pharmacies offer free of charge
  • And then she uses a mobile rebate app like ibotta, savingstar or checkout 51 for another 2 bucks back which gives its users cashback just for making everyday purchases.

The cost for that wrapping paper? Nothing, it’s free!

The best part, Katie’s method can be applied to anything. And technology is tempting a new generation of coupon savvy savers

More than 90% of millennials use coupons. And by 2022, digital coupon redemptions are set to total $91 billion.

Vicky: What has couponing done for you and your family? Katie: It’s taken us from broke college students living in a one-bedroom apartment to being able to completely pay off our debt, put down a down payment on a home, travel internationally, be able to have a family. Vicky: How much have you saved to date? Katie: I started couponing in 2011 and I’ve saved about $50,000 or $60,000

Katie says she spends about an hour and a half a week planning and researching, and she has a stockpile of beauty and household products in her garage that she’s accumulated for free.

Vicky: All of this you got at 90% off?
Katie: Usually 90% off or more

Simply by striking on deals when they’re hot.
She’s even started a blog Kouponing with Katie to share her tips and tricks.

Vicky:Do you ever pay full price for anything? Katie: No. Nothing comes into the house that doesn’t have some type of savings.

Vicky: If someone wants to start doing this especially if they want to save and have extra cash for the holidays, what’s your advice? Katie: The first thing is to have a plan. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t go in the cart. The second thing would be smartphones. Everything has really moved digitally, and the third, is stockpiling. You have to have something to last you until the next sale comes around.

And with her thanksgiving meal in the bag, Katie’s ready to tackle gift giving next.

Vicky: So with a little planning and knowhow, it’s that easy? Katie: It’s that simple.

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