WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—In North Texas, snakes just come with the territory. In the hot summer months you might see them more often

“They’re just trying to feel safe, they don’t realize that they are not wanted there, the snakes just know that its covered and it gives them some shade,” Charles Luna with North Texas Rattlesnake Removal said.

On Monday, a snake decided the KFDX news room would be the perfect place to find some shade, slithering inside underneath a desk, Our Photojournalist Josh Rowe was able to grab it and relocate it outside, and while we got lucky this time, coming face to face with a snake can be scary, so we talked with some experts to remind you what to do if a snake gets too close for comfort.

“In most cases I would advise to just avoid them because even a non-venomous snake bite is going to need some medical attention,” David Brown with Dave’s Bug Pro said.

He says you typically shouldn’t engage the snake, something Charles and Scott of North Texas Rattlesnake Removal agree with.

“Your safest method is to just take three steps backward and call somebody who handles snakes,” Scott said.

The professionals also offering up other tips.

“Keep short grass in your yard, if you have large rocks keep the grass weed-eated around those,” Welch said.

“Don’t leave a garage door open because they can come in from there and gain access,” Brown said.

Closing up any openings around your home is a good step to take, experts also say that snake away repellant? It’s not the best optionl

“Some pelleted Sulfur, some of our farm supplies carry it its a twenty pound bag, there is nothing legal on the market that you can by to keep snakes away,” Luna said.

There’s also some great online resources to help you find a snake removal service fast should you ever need one! Here is a link to the Free Snake Location Directory. There is also a free National Snakebite Support Group that can be found here. Experts also recommend educating yourself on the kinds of snakes that are native to the North Texas Region.