A memorial was held Sunday evening for two men, one from Burkburnett and the other from Henrietta, whose lives were taken last October by a drunk driver.

Sunday marks the one year anniversary of the crash that happened when a Nocona woman crossed over the center line of Highway 82, 2 miles west of Nocona, that took the lives of Kyle Kemp and Brent Winkler.

Now their families are telling their story, and urging people to never drink while behind the wheel.

It’s been one year since two families got a call that would forever change their lives.

“It’s just like reliving it all over again, just like yesterday. I was up all night, just like the night when I got the news about what happened. It’s a huge whole in my heart and in my family and in our home, it’s indescribable what’s been taken from us,” Kelli Patterson, Kyle’s mother, said.

“He was awesome, and that lady took him from me,” Vickie Winkler, Brent’s mother, said. . “It’s not fair, took him from his baby girl and she won’t get to know him. It’s not fair, because she chose to drink and drive.” 

Kemp and Winkler both had their lives cut short on October 23, 2015, after a drunk driver crossed over the center line and crashed into them head on, both men were only 20 years old.

When reflecting on that fatal October night, their families are urging people to think twice before they get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

“I just want to beg people to please consider the consequences. Please don’t drink and drive, please,” Patterson said. “Please just stay home, or call someone. Ask someone to take you home or drop you off or just make a different decision because you could impact someone’s life the way ours has been impacted. 

“We want to stress the importance of actually thinking before you get in the car if you’re drunk and you’re driving. It ruins families, it tears families apart and you know, there are consequences, long term consequences after what has been done here,” Karcynn Kemp, Kyle’s cousin, said.

As family members are still trying to mend their broken hearts, they are also reminded of the legacy the two men have left behind.

“He was a big guy, had an even bigger heart,” Winkler’s mother said. “He was always smiling no matter what the situation was.”  

“Kyle had a very big heart, he would give you his last dollar,” Patterson said.  “He was very fun, the life of the party and he never met a stranger. Kyle was just awesome.” 

The driver of the vehicle that killed the boys, Terri Sanders of Nocona, was charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle, but the case is currently in the court of appeals.