Parole is denied for a former Texoma volunteer firefighter, sentenced to 10- years in prison for setting dozens of fires around the area. 

Kyle Harmon the son of a  volunteer fire department chief was arrested in September, 2010,  after fires in the  FM 171 area  kept firefighters rushing  from one to another for years.
Authorities say Harmon admitted setting one fire that severely burned firefighter, Dwight Murphy in 2005. And, Harmon was found guilty of arson causing bodily injury.
Investigators say he admitted setting  about 3 dozen fires in three years.
But, they say they suspected him of scores more suspicious fires over the years.
In 2013 Harmon was sentenced to 10- years and is now in the Roach Prison Unit outside Childress.
Parole was denied for two causes:  The nature of the offense which involved deliberate disregard for the lives, safety, and property of others
he’d pose a threat to public safety if released and because of his record of excessive substance abuse. 

Harmon will be eligible for another parole review in one year.