FORT SILL, OK (KFDX/KJTL)—Fire up your delorean as Fort Sill takes us back in time to the late 1870’s with its 14th annual “Frontier Army Days.”

Spectators were able to experience what the post was like in its early stages of development.Even though the museums are open and always available, Scott Neel believes that to truly experience history you need to live it.

“People go to museums they see the objects and they don’t really understand what the people were like and and what life was like during that period,” Neel said. “So when they come here they kind of get hands on experience and see kind of firsthand of people portraying that time period and dress in the period clothing.”

If you missed the events this weekend the troops will continue the event on Saturday as well as host their historical baseball game between the native Americans and the soldiers.

“The soldiers would play baseball out here on the old post quadrangle and the native Americans watched them and were so enthralled by the game and watching them that they decided to put their own team together and started playing the army team.” Neel said.