WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man police say took back one of three items stolen from a former friend after the victim tracked them on GPS has his burglary charge reduced to criminal trespass.

22-year-old Brayden Headrick pleaded to that charge and was placed on one year probation by 30th District Judge Jeff McKnight and will also pay about $972 restitution to the victim. The victim said an Apple iPad, Nintendo Switch gaming system and Arctis gaming headphones were taken from his home on Speedway last February.

He said the iPad was pinging near the home of the parents of a former friend, Headrick, in Henrietta and also at the Sundance Apartments where Headrick had an apartment. He said he had given a key to the house to Headrick two years ago and when he broke off the friendship, Headrick refused to return the key.

Wichita Falls and Midwestern State University police located his vehicle at the apartments and confronted Headrick. They say he got the iPad out of his vehicle and admitted using the key to get in the house and took the iPad to sell it, but denied taking the Nintendo and headphones.

Police said later that same morning the victim reported their Ring Camera recorded Headrick driving up to his home and dropping off the stolen headphones and Headrick messaged the owner he had returned the headphones, and admitted taking and selling the Nintendo.