OLNEY, TX (KFDX/KJTL) — The city of Olney will soon be showcased on all your screens at home. Rural Route Revival, a fixer-upper style show, will be in full-production in just a few weeks. Lance and Corey Groves, better known as the Groves brothers, from Graham, are planning to do makeovers all over this area – the 940, starting in Olney.

“We started looking around and as we are looking around, the City of Olney calls us and says, we have to talk,” Lance Groves, contractor and develop TV producer, said.

That meeting, held with Mayor Rogers and Mayor Pro Tem Tom Parker, led to what is planned to be a four-episode documentary, showcasing the brothers building homes in Olney at cost.

“I don’t know any other builders in the state of Texas, that are gonna build houses and sell them at cost. That way people can afford them, and you can actually make an impact in a small town like this,” Corey Groves, contractor and develop TV producer, said.

Originally from Graham, the brothers have decades of experience working within their family business, Groves PK, that’s been around for 60 years; they said, starting in Olney just seemed right.

“When we looked at Olney and what we’re doing and what we are going to showcase, from a television perspective, you look at this lot I’m standing on right now, you see the brick street, the old Catholic Church across the way, you look behind me, and you can see an old red brick that was the first grocery store in town. Just behind me is the water tower. On this lot particularly you can get that whole entire feel of what that community is about, where they are, who they stand from. And you can put a house right here, and it will mesh with this area well, and gives someone an opportunity to have a great place to raise a family, and looks like it’s just meant to be that way.’ Lance Groves said.

Until recently, there hadn’t been any new houses built in the community for 15 years. Lance said because nobody can afford them.

“Right now if you wanted to come back to Olney if you just graduated college, have you a job of 50,000 dollars a year, plus benefits and a newly married wife, with the same, there’s nothing in Olney you can afford, that you’re gonna be proud of. And you should be proud of where you are at, it’s a dang good spot,” Lance Groves said.

Looking at the bigger picture, Corey said, it goes beyond construction.

“We’re not building these homes to sell them at a big profit, we’re doing this so people can afford them and have good housing,” Corey Groves said.

Staying in the 940 and giving back, house by house.

The show will be streaming either late this year or early 2024, but Groves said the work will not stop after the show. They plan on working throughout Texoma. The Groves also recruited Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Daniel “Colt” McCoy, as executive producer and also to provide the show’s voice-overs. They also licensed the song “940” from local musician Race Ricketts, as the theme song for the Olney series.