WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—If you have lived in Wichita Fall very long, more than a couple of years, then you are familiar with the heat. In the sports world, from time to time, you might hear someone say, “Records are meant to be broken!” Well… I don’t think that applies to the heat, here in Texoma! Unfortunately, this is the case this year. New record high temperatures are being set, not only across Texoma, but the Southern Plains and Desert Southwest, especially! What does this mean for us? Heat advisories and warnings!

Heat Warning

High pressure continues to remain the culprit for our dry heat as it remains dominant over the central and southern plains. However, a little bit of weakening by the end of next weekend means a slight chance for highs to hit upper 90’s for a day or two.

Upper Air

Easterly winds will begin to increase by tomorrow, leading to a red flag warning being issued by the National Weather Service.

DMA Wind Speed

In the meantime, expect clouds to increase a bit by Monday and Tuesday as a tropical storm/depression in the gulf will contribute to a push of some low level moisture toward Texoma. Temperatures are not expected to be affected, nor will our chances for rain. Sunny and hot are the two descriptors for the 7 day outlook!

7-Day Forecast