Sneaky breast cancer symptoms to be aware of

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(KFDX/KJTL) — As breast cancer awareness month continues, experts say there are some sneaky symptoms to be on the lookout for.

You might just brush them off and really not think twice about, but they could be a reason to call your doctor.

Oncologist, Dr. Polly Niravath, said, “more subtle things for example if the breast has dimpling or puckering on the skin that’s a red flag.”

If you see any redness on the skin that cannot be explained, Doctor Polly Niravath from Houston Methodist Cancer Center says that means come in right away.

Dr. Niravath, said, “if the nipple is pointed in one direction or the other looking asymmetrical from the opposite side it’s also a cause for concern, if the nipple is inverted in, that is a sign of cancer, also if there is any discharge or a bloody discharge from the nipple.”

Other possible signs:

  • If one breast suddenly looks smaller than the other or sitting a bit higher.
  • Wounds on the breast.
  • Orange peel type skin on the breast.
  • Rapid weight loss, and you’re not exercising or you haven’t changed your diet.
  • Back or bone pain that you’ve had for a few months.

Dr. Niravath, said, “there are some types of breast cancer that are extremely aggressive where small masses in the breast but they spread to the other part of the body pretty quickly sometimes it can spread before a woman’s had a chance to realize that she has a lump or change in the breast.”

Another symptom Dr. Niravath says to be aware of, is a persistent cough.

Dr. Niravath, said, “if there is a cough that you’ve had a very long time and you don’t have allergies or asthma to explain it it’s been there for more than a couple of months that’s a reason to come get it checked out…”

All of these symptoms don’t necessarily mean cancer, but it’s better to see your doctor to be on the safe side.

Even though the guidelines may have changed for mammogram screening, Doctor Niravath says women should start at age 40.

You should start even earlier if you have history in your family and should be screened once a year every year.

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