WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Child-sized doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine have been shipped across the country, meaning children ages five through 11 can get their first shots.

In Wichita County, the Health District will start giving out shots Thursday, November 4, after receiving 600 first doses Wednesday.

Amy Fagan with the City-County Health District said there are side effects within the first two days, such as sore arms, fatigue, headaches and muscle-joint pain, but as a mother, Fagan said she understands the concerns parents may have and said having a dialogue with your kids is important.

“My kids are worried about side effects, and they’re worried about if they’re going to get sick or if their arm is going to hurt, and so I was able to answer those questions,” Fagan said. “No matter if it’s the flu vaccine or if it’s our annual shots that we get to make sure our kids can be in school, it’s important to talk about why vaccines help our kids and why that helps the community they live, work and play in.”

The Pfizer vaccine for children is one-third the dose that adults get, but, like adults, children will get two shots three weeks apart, meaning many children will be fully vaccinated by Christmas.

For a list of places in Texoma offering pediatric vaccines, click here.