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The Mona Lisa Touch procedure is a pain-free laser designed to eliminate the painful intercourse experienced by many menopausal women. It’s quick, there’s no need for anesthesia and it’s making a huge difference in the lives of some patients.

“Every single patient that I have done has had a dramatically significant change in their symptoms,” said OB/GYN Dr. Tobie Beckerman. “I just walk around smiling.”

The Mona Lisa Touch, it’s a laser beam that creates a small thermal injury, triggering cell repairs — noisy, but pain-free.

“You basically are taking very thin vaginal tissues and rejuvenating them to their status to where they were pre-menopausal,” Beckerman said.

“Some of the symptoms that I had, dryness and even the burning, itching, all of those are systematic of the fact that you have the atrophy and if just a portion of that can be alleviated, I’m good.,” said Karmalita Contee.

She’s also cautious and first attended a doctor-organized get-together to talk it out.

“It makes it fun,” Beckerman said. “When you have a wine and cheese, you’re going to have a little coffee, you’re inviting people to the office and they come with their friends. We make it fun. We say we’re going to talk about vaginas. It relaxes the whole issue.”

Some women just can’t tolerate hormone replacement therapy. Insurance doesn’t cover Mona Lisa, although the laser is FDA approved, but for Contee, the cost is worth it. 

“There are more years behind me than there are in front of me and I want to make sure the years in front of me are really exciting,” Contee said.

The Mona Lisa costs on average $2400, takes three sessions and a booster session every 18 months. So far 30,000 women have been treated with it.

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