A Henrietta woman arrested in the first homicide case in Clay County is almost two decades has bonded out of jail.

Trinity Elizabeth Noland was being held on a $100,000 dollard bond at the Clay County jail. She was arrested on Saturday at her home on  North Red River Street.

That’s where deputies found the body of  36 year old  Shaun Edword Simpson with a large pool of blood around his head and body and one shell casing near his body. Deputies say Noland and another man were sitting on a bench on the front porch when authorites arrived.

They say Noland told them where to find the gun a 22-caliber pump action rifle in the bedroom. The report states Noland told officials Simpson arrived at her home with  a woman  about 11:00 pm Friday, grabbed the woman by her hair and threw her on the bed.

She said she became alarmed and got her gun out of a safe while the assault continued into the kitchen. She said Gregory ran into the kitchen, and Simpson grabbed him and threw him through the front door.

That is when she said  she fired one shot at Simpson. As to whether this shooting could be considred a case of self defense, Sheriff Kenny Lemons says he does not believe it was.