HHH: How to Change a Bike Tire


Bo Williamson, the Endurance House Bike Shop General Manager, is a professional in bike repairs.

“Working in a bike shop in Wichita Falls before Hotter’N Hell is pretty intense. We average usually around ten repairs a day before Hotter’N Hell. About two months, three months prior, before Hotter’N Hell we’ll bump up probably double that to probably twenty to thirty bikes a day,” Williamson said.

He said his crew will be working hard up until Hotter N’ Hell and even on the day of the big ride.

“We set up two work areas,” he said. “One of them right at…. I believe it’s a rest stop one…. and they’ll pull in there.”

But what about simple “on- the-go” repairs that you need to know?

Williamson said the main thing you need to know out on the road is how to change a flat.

If it is your back tire with a flat, then make sure to be on the lowest gear.

“You want to adjust it into your smallest ring, so your shifter…. shift it all the way down until you get to the smallest ring,” Williamson said.

Then, release your break and take the quick release off.

“As soon as I take the quick release off, it lets that wheel fall smooth out,” he demonstrated.

Now that the wheel is off, use a bike tire lever to separate the tube, tire and body of the wheel.

Once you have the tube removed and confirm there is a puncture in it, make sure there is nothing inside of the tire.

“After you pull your old tube out, be real careful doing this, but you want to feel inside that tire because something went in that tire to make this tube pop,” Williamson said.

Blow up the new tube a little before putting it back in.

Then carefully feed the tube inside the tire, make sure the valve is straight and stick the tire back into the rim.

Grab your CO2 cartridge to refill.

Finally, put the wheel and fixed tire back on.

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