WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—I feel as though I can just insert, one or more, previous forecasts from the summer for this forecast. So, here we go again! Unfortunately, a strong ridge of high pressure continues to build in across the southern plains. I’m thinking you likely already know what this means for Texoma; however, it is my job to relay the information regardless. Yup! You knew didn’t you? Triple digits! Sunny and hot conditions are expected through the ten day forecast. However, I hinted to “wet,” right? Well, the precipitation outlook currently suggest that in the 8-14 day timespan, rain chances are likely to return! A new fall season is coming soon to a forecast near you! Don’t give up hope!

10 Day Temperature Trend
8-14 Day Precipitation Outlook

This coming workweek will “be like ol’ times” one might say. -Sunny- and -hot- will be the two key words to include in your daily weather discussion with your neighbor(s). Though a weak area of low pressure will be drifting our way into Sunday very little will be affected. The upper ridge of high pressure will continue to dictate our weather pattern through the next 7-10 days. However, the transition to “better” weather is coming!

7 Day Forecast