Hotter ‘N Hell Needs Host Homes

The days before the 35th Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred are ticking down.
“Frantically, frantically ticking down,” host and HHH committee member, Mark Beauchamp said.
While the number of riders continues to climb.
“Registration is up from last year so we could be looking at another year approaching the 14,000 to 15,000 mark,” Beauchamp said.
Mark Beauchamp is part of the Hotter ‘N Hell steering committee and he and his wife sam have hosted riders almost every year since the 80’s. 
“[We] have a lot of folks that normally stay out at Lake Arrowhead State Park,” Beauchamp said. “Since it’s closed it’s really affecting the amount of homes that we need this year.”
“There’s more overall hotel beds this year than there were last year and a few more coming online next year. But here we’re in this transitional year so we do need those extra beds.”
By opening your home to the riders, you show what Texoma hospitality is all about.
“What they can be in for is a real treat,” Beauchamp said. “Get to meet some of the most interesting people from not only around the country but we have people that we’ve put in host homes this year already from Puerto Rico.”
Beauchamp says if you would like to host it’s an experience that will benefit not only you but the whole of Wichita Falls.
“That’s what makes this event! It’s not the heat, it’s not the road–it’s the people. That’s what’s made Hotter’N Hell such a success from the very beginning. It’s the people of our community.”
If you would like to be a host home, email or call (940) 264-3434.

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