HOUSTON (KIAH) — Fewer teachers and fewer police is an escalating issue the public is facing when it comes to education and safety. What is happening? Whatever, it is, is happening across the country and the pandemic is only making it worse.

Three officers were shot in Houston Thursday afternoon. When asked about crime across the country, Mayor Sylvester Turner said his focus is on the city of Houston.

“Over the last week and a half, Chief Finner and I and others have been talking about additional steps that we intend to take, to protect the people in this city and to make the city safer,” Turner said. “A more comprehensive approach that, quite frankly, was going to be laid out this week.”

With crime escalating in Houston, the mayor and police chief had to hold off on announcing initiatives to possibly make Houston safer. This week’s deadly law enforcement shooting events postponed that initiative announcement, an effort combatting crime, as criminal cases continue to also pile up in backlogs totaling 100,000.

“So much has taken place this week, so we will unfold those initiatives next week,” Turner said. “But the crime in this city is too high, OK? It is important that we do everything on our part at the city level to combat that now. Everything that we will announce next week, needs to be augmented, and supplemented by other levels. “

“We have way too many cases and our backlog criminal cases are over 100,000. That’s unacceptable.”

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner

“We have many additional things that need to take place but in terms of what the city can do, we will layout those additional steps that we intend to take up next week,” he added.

In Thursday night’s press conference after three local officers were shot, Mayor Turner went on to thank medical teams who’ve constantly cared for receiving law enforcement officers at local are hospital, including doctors and nurses. Also, thanking local fire chief Pena.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was in attendance as well as a city councilwoman. Her name was not disclosed.