WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The holiday season is all about giving and generosity, and local businesses definitely felt that this Christmas. Texoma businesses were definitely out and about this season selling their products.

From toy drives to local events like Christmas on Kemp, Christmas Magic, or the Arts and Crafts Show, it was a good time to be a small business in Wichita Falls during the holiday season.

“We’ve grown, we’ve expanded a lot, we have new things coming out at the beginning of this year,” Kelli Moran, owner of Ducky’s Doggie Delights said. “Doing pop-ups here, the farmers market, and all the big events that come into town has helped us all a lot this year.”

Each day it seems as though there’s a new business to go and check out. one local business set foot in the mall just five months ago, and the holiday spending was felt.

“Right now because of all the holiday spending, the sales have been great,” Juana Tellez, owner of Tienda Latina said. “Our store was full, we did very well, we’ve been here for five months now at the mall, and the sales have just been continually rising, thanks to God.”

Maritza Guillen, the daughter of Tellez, said Wichita Falls supporting her mom’s small business helped her fulfill a lifetime dream.

“I’ve been working here and helping out my mom,” Guillen said. “She’s slowly starting her business over the years, and she finally had the dream to sell stuff in a little store like she’s always wanted.”

Another key factor that aided small businesses this holiday season was in-person shopping, something that’s been unavailable for a majority of the past two years due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“A lot of people started shopping local since the COVID pandemic and all of that, so it’s helped us out a lot,” Moran said. “Some people have started their own little businesses in spots like we did the one in gray soaps, we popped up with her, so we help each other out, we grow as a team.”

Moran said the biggest impact of shopping locally this season is that the money spent locally gets to stay in the community.

“Instead of all these pop-ups and big-name brands, so it’s helping us grow as a community, helping us grow as a farmer’s market, and helping each business grow together,” Moran said.