WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – This morning we all woke up to weather in the teens, flurries, and strong winds. But not all of us woke up bundled up in the comfort of our homes.
Thalia Bravo spoke to the Salvation Army today about how they are helping others stay out of the cold.

It’s that time of the year again when the salvation army provides a warm, safe haven for those in need. The Salvation Army made the arrangements to have the doors open day and night.

The reality is, at the end of the day, not all of us have a place to go to that we can call ‘home’, and not all of us have a warm meal to heat up and eat.

“Whether it’s a warm shower, whether it’s a warm place to sleep, whether it’s a meal that needs to be eaten, we provide meals every day for lunch. it’s a community meal, people can just come in and join us for lunch, and of course during the cold time as well, we provide meals for those who are here and we have snacks and we have drinks for them,” Commanding Officer for WF Salvation Army, Joe Burton said.

Opening the doors when the weather drastically shifts like this, is something that the Chief Development Officer for Faith Mission Brad Prickett says they prepare for.

“Well a lot of these people really don’t have any other place to go, so for us especially when the weather gets too cold like this, we do have space available for them to get in and out of the weather. Currently, I think our capacity is around 80% percent. We are still offering our meals, we have our day room that’s open all day and people can get in and out the weather and like I said, we have plenty of space for them, so if they need to come at night, we’ll have a warm bed for them,” Prickett said.

If the traction this morning wasn’t enough, Prickett and Burton both say as the day goes on, more people are arriving at their doorstep, Prickett says faith mission’s already passed out 25 coats and 40 blankets. And like the Salvation Army, rules are adjusted during these tough times.

“For days like this, we just leave our doors open, people who stayed with us, I believe we had 43 stay with us last night and they have the opportunity to stay with us throughout the day,” Burton said.

“In fact, we normally suspend some of our rules, like normally they can stay up 10 days unless they are working with a case manager but because of the weather and because it is so cold, we suspended those rules,” Prickett said.

People say when you help others, that that’s the biggest reward itself, and major Burton couldn’t agree more.

“It’s just a great reward, especially for the city of Wichita Falls where the salvation army comes alongside of them to help meet the needs of those who are homeless, so it’s a great reward to see a community come together and for some who may not know that there
a great homeless population, the salvation army continues to reach out to those who are less fortunate,” said Burton.

Providing shelter and comfort as Wichita Falls residents catch themselves in this cold front.

Both say that monetary donations are the best way to donate to help them
continue fulfilling their mission, but it’s not the only way you can help our community.
To know more on how to donate to Faith Mission click here. And to know how to donate to the Salvation Army, click here.