WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman with more than two dozen past arrests ranging from escape, retaliation, embezzlement and smuggling numerous bags of drugs into jail in her body cavity, has now been arrested for allegedly sending a nude photo of her ex-boyfriend to his new girlfriend.

Danielle Stone, 28, is charged with unlawful disclosure of intimate visual material. The message containing the photo was reported to police in September.

The complainant came to the police station and said she received a nude photo of her boyfriend lying on a bed from Stone on Facebook Messenger with an accompanying message saying “I just want you to know I will always have this and I will forever be the queen of petty, have a good day little baby. ” The victim told police he did not give permission to Stone to share the photo.

Stone was released on parole in November last year after being sentenced to 5 years prison after numerous sentences of probation were revoked.

One of her last sentences before going to prison was for theft of cash and merchandise of JJ’s Fast Stop where she worked. The store estimated the loss at $7,000. Another charge was for tampering with evidence when jail officers said a search of her body cavity turned up numerous bags of drugs.

Officers said during the search she was screaming profanities and threatening to kill everyone in the room.Theft, escape and retaliation charges came during an arrest, then brief escape, for shoplifting men’s underwear at Dillard’s.

Officers said she threatened to “get them” when they had their badges off, and that the next time an officer came in the restaurant where she worked she would spit in their food.

She was charged with deadly conduct in 2012 when police searched her purse and found a handgun used in a shooting, in which a bullet fired into a house narrowly missed a sleeping baby.

Her sentences on about 20 convictions since 2012 range from two days to 10 years probation to prison.