WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Camp Fire North Texas is gearing up to celebrate Absolutely Incredible Kids Day, a day where people are encouraged to write to a young person and tell them what makes them incredible.

Absolutely Incredible Kids Day will happen on Thursday, March 16, and if you’re interested in learning more, call Camp Fire North Texas at (940) 322-5209.

Carney Porter: If you have some wonderful kids in your life, the perfect day to make sure they know how incredible they are is coming up. Woody Gossom joins us in the studio now to tell us all about the Absolutely Incredible Kids Day. Thank you for joining us this morning.

Woody Gossom: Thank you, Carney. This is a national Camp Fire program that’s been going on. This is the 26th year. I’m surprised this T-shirt is still holding together. I think I got it about the second year that they came out with this.

Carney Porter: Looks brand new.

Woody Gossom: Yeah, well, it only gets worn once a year. But really, the whole idea is, you know, in closing and moving everything out of my office, I ran across the letters and things people had sent me that they took time to write or type or word process.

But what we’re trying to do is take that one moment in time and have someone write a letter, text, email, anything to just say to someone, “Hey, you really do a great job, and we just wanted you to know that.”

The other thing that crossed my mind, because one of our church leaders had a does a Bible study on Friday mornings and he did a deal the other day that said, “I want you to take this card I’m giving you and write a letter to somebody you’re not getting along with.”

Carney Porter: Mhm.

Woody Gossom: That might be a whole different twist to Absolutely Incredible Kids Day. If there’s someone that you’re – take the time to write that letter.

Carney Porter: Make- it might make a difference later and you might have, you know, some you know bridges built between them. Make a difference.

Woody Gossom: It certainly worked in my case to someone. We had been friends for years. We had some outs. I wrote that, and next time we were hugging.

Carney Porter: Hey, you never know. You might have some more friends in the mix and come eye to eye.

Woody Gossom: And we all need to take that little bit of time. You know, March 16th is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day. But any day and any age should be Absolutely Incredible Kid Day.

Carney Porter: You’re not wrong. Well, like you said, it’s happening March 16th, and we just want to tell those kids how incredible they are, send some words of encouragement to everyone who needs it.

And if you would like more information, just call that phone number on your screen. We’ll have that info on our website. Thank you so much for joining us this morning.