WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Clover is a nine-week-old Rottweiler mix looking to be adopted and find herself a new forever home.

For more information on the pet adoption process or to set up a time to stop by, visit the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services Center website or call (940) 761-7824.

Jaron Spor — “We’re joined by Nicki Bacon with the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services Center is here with someone looking for their forever home. What can you tell us about Miss Clover?”

Nicki Bacon — “So Clover is about nine weeks old. She is a Rotty mix. She came to our shelter at about five weeks. We normally can’t adopt them out until they’re eight weeks old. So now that she’s nine weeks, she’s available for adoption. She does have a sibling as well at the shelter, and mom, that are looking for homes. And then all you would have to do if you’re interested in adopting her is either go on our website, we have an adoption application you can fill out there or you can come by our facility and fill out an application. It’s a $40 adoption fee which covers the microchipping first round of vaccinations, and you would just have to prepay for her spay and rabies vaccination.”

Jaron Spor — “She is so sweet. Now, how does… I don’t know if she’s been around many, but how does she do around other dogs and kids, for that matter?”

Nicki Bacon — “So I have not seen her with kids, but she does do well with other dogs and she walks really well on a leash. And a harness leash is best for puppies, especially when they’re getting used to the leashes. But she rides well in a car as well. She was very well-behaved. And she is really loving to all of us. I mean, studio here.”

Jaron Spor — “She definitely is. Yeah. And so if someone wants to see if she does well with their dogs, do you guys do anything like that where they can meet or anything like that?”

Nicki Bacon — “We do. Normally we don’t recommend it with puppies, but yes, since she’s had her first round of vaccinations, we can always test her out. And if you have cats, we do have a house cat that we test our dogs with to see how they’ll react to cats and if she’ll be good with cats as well.”

Jaron Spor — “Awesome. We’ll definitely call up and adopt her. She is so sweet. Well, thank you so much for joining us today.”

Nicki Bacon — “You’re very welcome. Thank you.”