HENRIETTA (KFDX/KJTL) — Clover is a 13-week-old kitten who traveled to our studio all the way from Henrietta looking for a home.

If you’re interested in adopting a pet from the Clay County Animal Shelter in Henrietta, check out their Facebook page.

Charisma Thrash: So Amanda joins us now from the Clay County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center and brought a cutie with her today: Clover. What a sweetie pea, huh? So tell us why you all are here today.

Amanda Forester: Oh, we had to get some applications. She goes in to get all the vet- get all her vetting tomorrow, Wednesday, to get spayed, all her vaccines, everything so she’ll be ready to go. So hopefully we get some applications in on her. She’s very sweet, as you can tell. She loves being held and petted, and she loves to play.

Charisma Thrash: And how old is Clover?

Amanda Forester: She’s only about 13 weeks.

Charisma Thrash: 13 weeks. So. And tell us about a lot of these pets, whether cats or dogs, that you all get at the animal shelter and what y’all’s mission is.

Amanda Forester: Oh, we love to get them adopted out. We hold on to them for all their lives. We don’t put any down; we’re a no-kill. So they’re here with us, and they get homes. But they would all love to go to a forever home. So. That’s what we’re here for.

Charisma Thrash: Now, are there any fees associated? Or are there anything – events coming up – to where people can get on an adoption with animals?

Amanda Forester: Well, we’re there from 9 to 1 every day, so you’re welcome to come out and look. We have a Petfinder account where all the animals are on there, or most of- most of them are on there. And the adoption fee for at least the younger ones is $100, and then it goes down from there like: Kitten to five years is $100, and then it goes down to $75, and just down from there. Just depends on the age. So she’d be a hundred.

Charisma Thrash: Now, if anyone was interested in this cutie pie that you all see here, Clover, what would be the price for her if somebody was interested in calling you today?

Amanda Forester: She’d be $100 adoption fee.

Charisma Thrash: $100 adoption fee. Where could we go to get this information if we wanted to get this adoption fee information on these pets.

Amanda Forester: We have on Facebook, we have a Facebook page. So it’s all on there or on Petfinder I’ve tried to put the adoption fees on Petfinder, too. She’s not on there yet, but she will be as soon as she gets everything done tomorrow. She’ll be on Facebook unless she goes home today.

Charisma Thrash: And Clover looks so happy playing and just so comfortable. So if one isn’t interested in adoption right now because everyone’s household, obviously, is different, what can we do to ensure maybe a better life for these animals?

Amanda Forester: Just going to always donate- donations to help with the vetting and food and toys, all that good stuff.

Charisma Thrash: All right. All of that good stuff. Texoma, do your part. Help these animals have a great life. Or maybe come out to Clay County and adopt one. Amanda, thanks for joining us. Stick around. We’ll be right back.