CLAY COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Lurch from the Clay County Animal Shelter is looking for a forever home.

An employee from the Clay County Animal Shelter brought 6-month-old Lurch to our studio on Tuesday, March 7.

Carney Porter: Well, we have a precious baby sitting right here with us. This is Lurch. He’s from the Clay County Animal Shelter. So thank you so much for being here today. Tell us a little bit about Lurch.

Shelter Representative: He’s about six months old. We believe he’s Great Dane and Lab, so it’s great because he’s only about six months old now.

Carney Porter: Are you sit or go sit? No, we just I’m a sucker. You can have it. It’s okay. He’s six months, though. He is a puppy. He’s a baby. He’s the sweetest boy. Now he seems to be, like you know, he’d be friendly with everyone.

Shelter Representative: Oh, yeah, he is. He’s good with dogs, cats and probably kids, too. We haven’t had him around kids yet, but I don’t see why he wouldn’t be. He loves everything else.

Carney Porter: He seems like he’ll play with you outside one minute and then he’ll come snuggle up with you and cuddle on the couch the next minute.

Shelter Representative: Yeah. He’s a good boy.

Carney Porter: He’s a sweet guy. Now, is there any other- do you see the treat? Oh, I know. You see the treat. Do you see that treat? Okay, you can have the treat. He’s so sweet. Now, is there any other underlying medical conditions that people need to be weary of or any specific diet? I mean, not obviously, I’m shoving treats to him, so you might not have too many dietary restrictions.

Shelter Representative: Nope. He’s a good, healthy boy. He just got neutered last week. He’s got all his shots, he’s chipped. He’s ready to go.

Carney Porter: And you’ve had him for three months?

Shelter Representative: Yeah, about three months. He was- he was young when we got him.

Carney Porter: Oh, goodness. That’s a little too long. That’s just too, too long. Now, what kind of family would be best for him? You know, I see he’s a puppy, and he’ll be a bigger dog.

Shelter Representative: Yeah, probably an active family, one with a big yard. He’s gonna be big. He’s gonna be a big dog. Probably too big for apartment, but a house and a yard would be perfect for him.

Carney Porter: Somewhere where he can run around and get all the treats. Are you gonna say hi to the camera? Are you gonna say hi. Oh, my goodness. Now making sure he wants all the- he probably needs more of an outdoorsy family, for sure. The kid size doesn’t matter. Have you had him around other animals besides dogs?

Shelter Representative: Yeah, he’s been in the cattery, and he does good with the cats. He don’t mind them at all.

Carney Porter: Probably curious more than anything.

Shelter Representative: Just curious.

Carney Porter: Well, how can people, if they’re interested in Lurch, in this sweet baby, get in touch with y’all to adopt them.

Shelter Representative: They can call us at (940) 538-6757. Come by and see him. We are there from 9 to 1 every day. Our address is 503 North Carroll Street in Henrietta.

Carney Porter: Oh my goodness. Well, thank you so much for being here. I could have had y’all here all day. We appreciate it. Y’all don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back. Say bye bye, sweet boy. Say bye bye.