CLAY COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — The Clay County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center brought a pair of dogs who are looking for a home together.

Willa and Cousin are an older bonded pair that would like to stay together.

Carney Porter: Well, we have a wonderful dynamic duo in the studio today. They’re from the Clay County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. So thank you all so much for joining us today.

Clay Co. Shelter Representative: Thank you for having us.

Carney Porter: So who are these guys right here?

Clay Co. Shelter Representative: This one right here is Willa, and she is ten and a half years old. And in front that is Cousin. And he is nine and a half years old. We’ve had them for five years. They’re a bonded pair. We’re looking for a forever home for them, and the fee is waived for them, and or a foster where they can continue living out the rest of their lives.

Carney Porter: And together, of course. And to be together.

Clay Co. Shelter Representative: Yeah, five years is a long time. Together. No other animals, and teenagers are fine. But no, I wouldn’t suggest any smaller kids and teenagers with them.

Carney Porter: Right.

Clay Co. Shelter Representative: Because they really don’t care for small children.

Carney Porter: But yeah, teenagers are good, ones that kind of can do on their own and be able to interact and are, you know, can be tame. Now, I know that they’re bonded and then they are a little older you said they’re probably senior status. Any type of treatment that the potential owners need to be aware of that they need on a daily basis?

Clay Co. Shelter Representative: Willa is – she’s got some arthritis in her back legs, and so she takes some medication for her arthritis and inflammation. So far, he hasn’t had any issues with arthritis yet.

Carney Porter: He’s been jumping up on us and everything.

Clay Co. Shelter Representative: And she’s- she’s going blind. She can’t see real well anymore. And like I said, they are a bonded pair, and they do have to go together.

Carney Porter: Gotcha. So if you want to adopt both Willa and Cousin, it’s together, the fee is waived, and they would love to have a home together somewhere new. They’ve been there too long. So make sure you go out and get them, and we’ll have the information. That phone number will be on our website if you’re interested. Thank you all so much for being here today