WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Downtown Wichita Falls Development’s St. Patrick’s Day festival is just a few days away.

Dustin Nimz and Tyler Methvin stopped by our studio on Thursday, March 9, to talk about the upcoming event.

The downtown street festival is coming up on Saturday, March 11.

Carney Porter: St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. And here to talk about the celebrations downtown this year is Tyler Methvin and Dustin Nimz. Thank you all so much for joining us this morning. All right. Tell us what we have in store. It sounds like we have a good time coming up.

Dustin Nimz: So this weekend on Saturday, we’ve got the Downtown Street Festival for St. Pat’s. This year, it’s going to move to Ninth and Ohio, right by Bryan’s Plumbing and Bud Daniel Park. We’ve got food vendors, we’ve got a lot of great music. We’ve got some some good beer. Come and hang out with us, and we’ve got some great weather for it. We’re excited.

Carney Porter: Hey, that’s good timing, too on your part. No umbrellas need to be had or anything, and it’s also family friendly, so the kiddos can come and enjoy it as well, right?

Dustin Nimz: 12 and under are free, and we’ve got a fun kids area for them, and we’re going to have CrashWorks out there helping us to have some fun activities for them.

Carney Porter: That sounds like a good time. So tell me, Tyler, what is something that you’re looking forward to when you go and enjoy?

Tyler Methvin: Certainly the music. We got Clint Vines and the Hard Times, they’ll be the opener that day, followed by Hannah Belle Lecter. And then our headliner this year is Josh Weathers. So we’re really excited about that and the beautiful weather. We’re really, really pumped we got that too.

Carney Porter: I know. I mean, with springtime, you never know what’s coming, so I’m happy for you. Y’all are going to get a beautiful day for sure. And you said it’s happening March 11th. That’s coming up. It’s going to be this Saturday. And how much are those tickets for everybody?

Dustin Nimz: They’re $12 in advance, or they’re $15 at the gate. We’ve also got an option to run the 5K that morning.

Tyler Methvin: Yeah. So you can still sign up to do the 5K. It comes with a ticket to the event as well as a t-shirt. Kids are welcome, strollers are welcome, walkers are welcome as well. So if you’d like to sign up, please get in there and do that.

We’re also still looking for volunteers for the event and they also get a free ticket to the event and a volunteer t-shirt and a meal. So please sign up. You can find information on the Wichita Falls Downtown Development Facebook page.

Carney Porter: All right. Sounds like a plan. Thank you both so much for joining us this morning. We appreciate it.