SAINT JO (KFDX/KJTL) — Jessie is a gentle girl from Easy Street Animal Shelter in Saint Jo, and she is searching for her forever family.

Cynthia Morgan and Cindy Castle with Easy Street Animal Shelter are encouraging all animal lovers to consider adopting from local shelters as a part of the Clear the Shelters mission.

To learn more about Jessie or other adoptable animals at Easy Street, visit their website or Facebook page.

Carney Porter: Well, we have our sweet Jessie. She’s just hanging out. She got a little sleepy, but she’s from the Easy Street Animal Shelter in Saint Jo. And joining her are Cindy and Cynthia. Thank you all so much for being here.

Cynthia Morgan: Thank you.

Cindy Castle: Thanks for having us.

Carney Porter: All right. She’s a sweet gal. So tell us a little bit about Jessie.

Cindy Castle: Jessie came to us as a stray. She’s probably 8 to 10 years old. She is active still. So she’s got a lot of years left in her. She gets along with other dogs. She loves car rides. She loves people. She goes to Bark Club with us. That’s a program we have in Saint Jo, where we go to the library once a week and have a preschool reading program, and she’s been and she likes the kids.

Carney Porter: And sweet thing.

Cindy Castle: And loves treats.

Carney Porter: She was pawing at you to make sure she got her treats in.

Cindy Castle: And she shakes and sits.

Cynthia Morgan: Yes, she’s very sweet.

Carney Porter: Oh, good. She heard the word treats, I think, and she was ready to go. Can you look at the camera for me?

Carney Porter: Now, I know she’s very well-mannered and has great patience with all kids, big and small and adults as well. Are there any allergies or food, dietary restrictions we should be mindful of?

Cindy Castle: Actually, Jessie can have a sensitive tummy, so we feed her a food for sensitive tummy or we give her probiotics. But she’s actually a very easy keeper. She’d make a great companion dog for anybody.

Cynthia Morgan: Oh, yeah.

Cindy Castle: If someone over 60 wanted to adopt her.

Carney Porter: Here I’ll turn her around. Come here, baby. Come here, love. Can you turn around? She was like, Guys, I’m hard to get. She’s playing hard to get with everybody.

Cynthia Morgan: Look who’s got the treats!

Cindy Castle: Turn around.

Carney Porter: Goodness. So how is y’all’s adoption rates? So you were kind of telling me they were slow, so we’re wanting to get them out and get people to adopt for Clear the Shelters. We’re trying to get everyone out.

Cynthia Morgan: Correct.

Cindy Castle: Right. Right. I don’t have the treats.

Carney Porter: Right. Well, come here, baby. I have them, silly goose. Well, if you’d like to adopt Jessie, or any other animal at the Easy Street animal shelter, call that number right there on your screen, and they’ll have all the info for you. Thank you all so much for being here. We appreciate it.

Cynthia Morgan: Thank you, Carney.

Carney Porter: Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back and make sure she gets her treats.