SAINT JO (KFDX/KJTL) — Lannie’s gentle and sweet nature makes her the perfect companion dog, and luckily, she’s seeking her forever family.

According to representatives of Easy Street Animal Shelter Cindy and Denise, Lannie is an easy-going, three-year-old Anatolian Sheppard who enjoys a lot of attention.

Like all dogs at Easy Street, Lannie is chipped, fixed and vaccinated, so she’s all ready to go to her new home.

Lannie is also a part of the Pets for the Elderly program, an adoption foundation that helps pay the adoption fees, making her adoption fee just $50 for anyone age 60 or older.

While the average number of adoptions has significantly decreased this year according to Denise, Easy Street Animal Shelter has plenty of very sweet, large dogs looking for caring families.

To learn more about Lannie and other adoptable dogs at Easy Street, visit their website.