ELECTRA (KFDX/KJTL) — Dude came to visit our studio from Electra Animal Shelter.

Find more information about the animals at Electra Animal Control here.

Charisma Thrash: Kari Banahan with the City of Electra Animal Control is joining us now this afternoon to tell us more about their effort to help animals find loving homes. Kari and Dude, welcome. What can you tell us about the Electra Animal Shelter?

Kari Banahan: So we’re a rural shelter in Electra, we only have six kennels. They’re located outside. It’s imperative that we work with rescues, fosters and outside agencies to help place these animals.

Back when I started in 2016, we were pretty much 100% kill facility. We have lowered those rates to less than 10% because of the local rescues we work with, because of fostering, because of exposure like this. So thank you so much for having us on.

Charisma Thrash: Of course, and an organization that you have worked with, which is Texas Pit Crew that I just found out about, I want to tell you, one of our newest producers named Zach, he has actually rescued two beautiful babies. Let’s take a look at that video actually. We were going to run that again, but he has been able to rescue.

There’s Dude right there. Loving us some Dude. Love that you brought him. But the two beautiful babies he was able to rescue he certainly adores, and it means so much, like you said, to be able to give these animals a loving home. What is our community able to do if they’re not ready to adopt? What can they do to help these animals?

Kari Banahan: Oh, there’s so much. If you can’t have an animal, if you don’t want to or you’re not ready to have an animal, you can foster with a local rescue, you can help donate, you can call P.E.T.S. and donate for a spay and neuter for an animal. Help educate. Help educate communities. My dog just chewed through his leash.

Charisma Thrash: Yeah, because Dude’s got great energy. And again, great having you on, and we’ll certainly be with you more about not only the effort that Electra is doing, but for those animals. So thank you so much for joining us, Kari. All right. We’ll be back, Texoma. Stay with us.