WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Our noon show on Tuesday, February 21, had a very special guest star from Emily’s Legacy Rescue.

Meet LeeAnn, a two-year-old cat currently up for adoption from the rescue agency.

Carney Porter: Well, Emily’s legacy rescue has brought us a sweet thing today. This is LeeAnn. Thank y’all so much for coming.

Emily’s Rescue Representative: Thank you for inviting us. She’s a little kind of not used to all these noises here, but she’s super, super sweet. She’s about two years old. She was pulled from the city with her five babies, and I think she probably had her babies when probably in her first heat. But she’s super, super sweet, loving. She’s a lap kitty. She doesn’t know any stranger. She even let me give her a bath Sunday and was actually really good with that. She wasn’t trying to fight me too much on that. She didn’t like it, but she was okay with it. She wasn’t, like I said, trying to scratch me to death or anything. But yeah, she’s just a super, super sweet little girl. She’s currently at Petco and ready to find her forever home.

Carney Porter: Look at her. She kind of looks like she has fallen asleep in your arms.

Emily’s Rescue Representative: She’s a sweet girl. She like I said, she’s my lap kitty and just a doll. She is just a doll.

Carney Porter: Now, I know you said she is great with other people, you know, interacting. She never met a stranger. Does that include other animals?

Emily’s Rescue Representative: Yes, she’s fine. I’ve had a pit bull that she was around named Xena, and she’s around other cats and she’s perfectly fine with other cats. They get a little hissy with her and she’s like, okay, she’ll run the other way. But she’s a sweet, sweet little girl.

Carney Porter: Oh, that’s good. Anything, any dietary things that they should be aware of with her?

Emily’s Rescue Representative: No, she’s perfectly fine. She’s got all of her vetting. She’s ready to go.

Carney Porter: All right, Now, you said she’s at Petco. For those who are interested in looking to adopt her, when can they go to Petco and how much would that adoption fee be?

Emily’s Rescue Representative: It’s a hundred dollars to adopt our cats. And that includes all of their testing, their shots, Rabies, microchip, lifetime registration on the microchip. She’s already altered everything that’s included in that fee.

Carney Porter: Oh, goodness. Well, if you’re wanting to get a lab. A lab? Kitty, I mean, look at her. She’s ready to go. She’s doing a great job of showing you what you have to look forward to. And if you need any of that information, if you’re looking to adopt her that phone number is right there on your screen, and we’ll have that and more over on our website. Thank you so much for joining us today. We appreciate it.

Emily’s Rescue Representative: Thank you for having us.

Carney Porter: Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back.