WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — First Presbyterian Church is holding a concert to celebrate the beginning of Lent in the leadup to Easter.

Lance Hargis and Lindsey Lunn from First Presbyterian Church sat down with Jaron Spor on Friday, March 3, to talk about the event.

Jaron Spor: We have an exciting event coming up at First Presbyterian Church. What can you tell us about this event?

Lance Hargis: Thank you. Thank you for having me. So this Sunday at 3 p.m., we’re doing a concert which we call ‘Easter’s Prelude: The Joy of Lent.’ And it’s- it’s- it’s just a musical reflection about the reason for the season of Easter and a great build up to Easter.

You know, we have all this time we spend before Christmas, like before Halloween now even building up to Christmas. And we have a similar thing before Easter, a similar buildup, which is called Lent. Don’t let the word scare you if you grew up in a in a scary church, don’t let that scare you.

But we’ve got folks from all over the county joining us. We’ve got folks from MSU, the choral, the vocal and the percussion department. Oklahoma State University is bringing their brass department down to be with us. And we’ve got singers from churches all across Wichita County.

It’s going to be a great event at our church at 3 p.m. And I brought Lindsey with me this morning because she’s our in charge of our Children and Families ministry. And we just want everybody to know that this is a free event and very family friendly.

Lindsey Lunn: Yes. So Lance and the music department has bags for the kids together. And, you know, I have three kids, and I think it’s really important to expose them to as many things that we can. And this is just a really awesome opportunity to have all these different musicians coming together and putting on this really incredible presentation for our community and just really grateful that we get to do it.

And hopefully there’s a lot of kids and families, and even if your kids wiggle, that is okay, they may surprise you. You may make it longer than you think.

Jaron Spor: Yeah, you said it was free, so you don’t have to go and get tickets or anything like that? You just show up?

Lance Hargis: You don’t get tickets. Show up. We’ll have some stuff for the kids to help keep them occupied. Occupied and participating in the concert. And you’ll get to hear some great music.

I mean, this season has inspired some of the most hopeful and passionate music ever written. And we’re going to give you just a little bit of that, and you’ll get to see some of your friends doing this stuff. So we really hope people come out and support the community.

Jaron Spor: Yeah, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. You see all the info right there on your screen. It’s March 5th at 3 at First Presbyterian Church. Like we just said, again, it is free. So definitely bring your family and friends. Thank you guys so much for coming out.

Lance Hargis: Thank you for having us. We really appreciate it.