WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Hospice of Wichita Falls is looking for new volunteers to help out for their new inpatient care center.

Darbi Glassburn joined our morning show to talk about the opportunities to join the Hospice volunteer team.

Jaron Spor: Darbi Glassburn is here to talk about volunteer training at Hospice. Thank you so much for joining me. Yeah. So what can you tell us about it?

Darbi Glassburn: Well, we have our volunteer training that’s coming up at the end of March. So March 30th or 31st. You can pick one of those days. But we’re really excited because our new inpatient care center is opening hopefully at the end of April. So we are needing some volunteers to fill new roles in there.

Jaron Spor: Yeah. And what time is it from?

Darbi Glassburn: So if you come on Thursday, March 30th, it’s from 4 to 6, or if you come Friday, the 31st is 9 to 11. So we try to do an afternoon and morning one.

Jaron Spor: And does it cost anything or do they need to sign up, anything like that?

Darbi Glassburn: No costs. But yes, if you can sign up. So you can go to our website, howf.org, and fill out the application. Or you can call, we can email that stuff to you as well.

Jaron Spor: And what would you say to someone that is thinking about volunteering, about why they should?

Darbi Glassburn: Do it. I would say that much. We have a place for everyone. Not everyone visits with the patient. Some people, that’s not their niche. But we have a role for everyone. We have volunteers that love art, that love kids, that love pets. There’s a place for everyone, and you will get more out of it than you ever imagine.

Jaron Spor: And I know- some people when they when they talk about volunteering, like, well, I don’t know if I have time, what would you say to them about that?

Darbi Glassburn: So there’s no time restriction. We have volunteers that work a couple of times a year. We have volunteers that work several times a week. So that’s the same. We can mold that to whatever works best for you.

Jaron Spor: And we talked about the new facility. That’s the big, exciting thing that it’s almost here, and you need more volunteers for that. What are some things that people need to do or what will they be doing, I guess, in the new facility?

Darbi Glassburn: The three biggest roles in the new facility- we need a welcome desk because it’s like triple the size of our inpatient center now, so we’ll need help directing people where they go. We have a bistro area that will have food available for people to purchase, staff and families and that sort of thing. So our volunteers help in there and then what we call our hospitality area, that’ll be those helping with laundry, the nourishment cart, keeping those stations filled. So there’s a place, like I said, for everybody, we’re really excited.

Jaron Spor: Yeah, definitely volunteer if you can. Well, thank you so much for joining me. Yeah, absolutely. We’ll have all the information over on our website as well.