WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Hospice of Wichita Falls is looking for more volunteers for their program.

There are two training dates coming up: Thursday, June 29, and Friday, June 30. The Thursday training is from 5:15 to 7:15 p.m., and the Friday training is from 9 to 11 a.m.

Charisma Thrash: Good afternoon and welcome back, Texoma. Well, Darbi Glassburn joins us now to tell us about volunteer opportunities at the Hospice of Wichita Falls and their upcoming event. Darbi, go ahead and explain and tell us what you all have working on there.

Darbi Glassburn: Well, we are very excited we’re getting even closer to opening our new inpatient care center. And with that comes more volunteer opportunities. So we’re going to have a training that’s coming up soon at the end of this month. So June 29th or June 30th are the two times that you can come through our volunteer training. So it’s kind of a hybrid. You’ll come to the welcome class, we’ll meet you, and then you’ll do some videos online before we close up.

Charisma Thrash: Why do you all feel like this training – in terms of this seminar – why is this important for people in our community to take a part of?

Darbi Glassburn: So a lot of our volunteers come from going through hospice with their loved ones and their friends, and so this is a way for them to give back. It’s a big part of the community. Hospice of Wichita Falls has been around for over 40 years, and this is a way to give back if you’re interested in doing that.

Charisma Thrash: Is there any age restrictions on anyone who can participate?

Darbi Glassburn: So our adult volunteers start at 18. We do have a teen program, but that’s already started. So this is for our adult volunteers. So, 18 to 108, any- any age outside of that.

Charisma Thrash: Okay, Darbi. And is there any cost or anything associated with this event?

Darbi Glassburn: There’s no cost. We do need you to sign up online, so we know you’re coming and we’ll do a little background check and some information from you. But other than that, we just want you to be there.

Charisma Thrash: Okay. So it sounds like you have to go online and make sure we get that information. Where can we go to get all of that information?

Darbi Glassburn: Go to howf.org, or you can give us a phone call: (940) 691-0982, and we can walk you through that process.

Charisma Thrash: Okay, great. So training opportunities here in Wichita Falls Hospice. Thank you so much, Darbi, for joining us.

Darbi Glassburn: Thank you.

Charisma Thrash: All right. Texoma, make sure you stick around. We’ll be right back after the break.