WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — 7-month-old Cisco visited our studio from the Humane Society of Wichita County looking for a new home.

Elizabeth Heineken said Cisco is smart and energetic and would appreciate an active home.

Carney Porter: I have this sweet, spunky, playful guy with us. His name is Cisco. He is from the Humane Society of Wichita County. And joining him now is Elizabeth Heineken. Thank you all so much for being here.

Elizabeth Heineken: Thank you.

Carney Porter: He is fun.

Elizabeth Heineken: Yes, he’s a lot of fun.

Carney Porter: He’s a fun time. We have been playing, he has been rolling around, having the best of times. So tell us a little bit about Cisco.

Elizabeth Heineken: Yeah. So Cisco is a seven-month-old Labrador retriever. And as anyone who’s ever owned the lab know, they are very quirky, they are very fun dogs. And him still being seven months old, he’s still a puppy. He is very smart. So we think, you know, once someone gets to work with him, gets training him, he’ll make a fantastic dog.

Carney Porter: What are you doing? We’ve been playing. I was trying to get him to roll around like he was. He was being the cutest. I mean, he is still cute. Oh, are you going to play? Are you going to play with us? Now, he seems to be friendly with everybody. I mean, have we had him around any small kids yet? I know we just had him for a few days.

Elizabeth Heineken: Everyone who’s met him, he’s done fantastic with. With kids, you know, he likes to play with them. Well, I’ll try and get them play with them, but he just loves all people. He’s never met a stranger in his life.

Carney Porter: No, he loves everybody. He’s a love bug. Are you trying to be sleepy now? Are you playing sleepy? He’s so sweet. Now, is there anything special about his diet or anything we should be aware of with him?

Elizabeth Heineken: No. He mostly has just shown us that he’s a great dog. He appears to do well with other dogs, even though we haven’t tried them in the same kennel or same yard with him. He has done well through the fence, and he shows to be very positive with other dogs.

Carney Porter: It is so funny because not even 3 minutes ago was this dog rolling around. It has worn him out. I can hear our Control Room laughing about it, too. Now, if anyone is interested in adopting Cisco or any other animal from the Humane Society, how can they go about doing so?

Elizabeth Heineken: We’re always more than happy to answer any questions about him or any other dogs we have on our phone number, and we are happy to have people come in during our business hours to meet Cisco or any other dogs.

Carney Porter: All right. Well, thank you all so much for joining us today. We appreciate it. I guess it’s nap time. He has to go back for nap time.

Elizabeth Heineken: Yeah.

Carney Porter: Well, don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back after the break. Say bye-bye, say night-night.