WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Pike came to our studio from the Humane Society of Wichita County.

If you’re interested in adopting Pike or any of the Humane Society’s animals, look here.

Carney Porter: We have this sweet guy here, this gentle giant. His name is Pike, and he’s from the Humane Society of Wichita County, and joining him now is Elizabeth Heineken. Thank you for being here.

Elizabeth Heineken: Thank you.

Carney Porter: So tell us about Mr. Pike.

Elizabeth Heineken: Yeah. So Pike is a three-year-old Great Dane mix of some kind. He shows a lot of, like, the personality of a Great Dane. He does have still a little bit of, like, puppy energy. He still gets pretty excited when it’s time for playtime and all that. So preferably he’ll go home with an active family, someone who’s willing, you know, taking jogging, let him out all the time, play with him, that kind of stuff.

Carney Porter: But he is a snuggle bug because he’s he thinks he is the ultimate lap dog, even though if you put him on two legs, he’s taller than me. He’s a sweet guy. Now, you said he loves to play a lot, loves to be outside. Anything in particular he loves to play with? Sticks, bones, toys – what kind of toys is he into?

Elizabeth Heineken: Mostly he just likes running- oop there it is.

Carney Porter: There you go. Oh, here it is. There we go.

Elizabeth Heineken: Mostly he just likes running around the yard and spending time outside enjoying the sunshine. And as you can see, he can also be a total lap dog.

Carney Porter: He just wants a snuggle.

Elizabeth Heineken: As most Great Danes try to be.

Carney Porter: It’s nap time. He just wants a snuggle. It’s okay, buddy. Now, I can hear our production laughing at him, he is the ultimate lap dog for sure. I know it, buddy. What are you doing? Now, is he good with other dogs?

Elizabeth Heineken: So far, we haven’t had a chance to test him with other dogs. We are always more than happy to try him out with any potential adopters. Dogs that they already have. So people are more than welcome to bring their dogs to meet Pike and see how they do.

Carney Porter: We can play. Hopefully he likes kiddos too, but like I said, he seems to be a gentle giant. So you know. I mean it’s always good to test the kiddos out, small kiddos, but he looks like he’s going to be a gentle giant. I know, buddy, what are you doing? And now for those who are interested in adopting Pike or any of the other animals at the shelter, how can they do so?

Elizabeth Heineken: We’re always more than happy to take questions about him or any other dog that we have, or they can come up to visit him or any other dogs during our business hours.

Carney Porter: Are you going to come get up in my lap? You can be a lap dog here. There we go. Come on. I want to see you do it. Oh, yeah, yeah. Here you go, buddy. You did a good job. Well, perfect. Well, if you’d like more information on how to adopt Pike, all the info’s over on our website. Thank you all for joining us. Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back.