WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — 7-year-old Sophie from the Humane Society of Wichita County is looking for a new home.

Elizabeth Heineken with the Humane Society brought Sophie to our studio for an interview on Friday, March 3.

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Carney Porter: Well look at this. I got a sleepy girl hanging out with me today. Her name is Sophie. She’s from the Humane Society of Wichita County. And joining her is Elizabeth Heineken. Thank you so much for being here. So tell us about Miss Sophie.

Elizabeth Heineken: So Sophie is seven years old, so she’s a little bit of an older dog. As you can see. She is a major snuggle bug. Her favorite time of day is whenever someone is just holding her and giving her all the attention she can mean. She absolutely loves- she’s definitely a lap dog.

Carney Porter: I’m putting her to sleep, I think. She can barely hold her eyes open, sweet girl. But she does have a playful side, though, so she’ll go out and hang with the best of them.

Elizabeth Heineken: She will. She’ll go out in the yards and she’ll run around and keep up with the other dogs, the younger dogs out there in the yards when she’s doing her yard time during the day.

Carney Porter: Is there anything in particular she likes, you know, besides being the ultimate lap dog, is there anything like toy wise that she’s a fan of Bones, Chew toys?

Elizabeth Heineken: She’s not a huge fan of toys. She hasn’t shown much interest in like tennis balls or anything like that, but she will never refuse a treat.

Carney Porter: So, hey, I wouldn’t either say no way. We got to have all the treats. Now, is she- how long have you had her for?

Elizabeth Heineken: We’ve had her for about a month now. We’re looking for her forever home. She just hasn’t had a whole lot of people who have been interested in her, which kind of surprises us because she’s very sweet.

Carney Porter: Look at these ears, she’s so cute. She got the big ears and the cute face. How could you not want to come see her? Say, come see me, please. So for those who are interested, how can they do that?

Elizabeth Heineken: We are more than happy to take any questions about Sophie or any other dog. They’re also more than welcome to come visit Sophie during our business hours.

Carney Porter: Gotcha. And how many other animals, or dogs maybe in particular, besides Sophie, are you housing right now?

Elizabeth Heineken: Right now we are housing quite a few dogs. I want to say we’re- we’re definitely above 30. I want to say it’s closer to 40 that we have right now.

Carney Porter: So make sure you come see Sophie and all the great animals over at the Humane Society. And if you need that info, we’ll have it on our website. Thanks so much for being here.