WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Warner came to visit our studio from the Humane Society of Wichita County with Elizabeth Heineken.

If you’re interested in adopting Warner or any other animals from the Humane Society, check out their website here.

Carney Porter: We have this sweet cutie over here. His name’s Warner, if you weren’t with us before the break. He was napping, but he woke up and he is from the Humane Society of Wichita County. And joining him now is Elizabeth Heineken. Thank you for being here today. So tell us a little bit about Warner.

Elizabeth Heineken: Yeah. So Warner is an Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix and he is such a super sweet boy. He loves everybody. He loves attention from adults. He’s good with kids. He can get a little rambunctious. He adores playing with other dogs. We always have him paired up with someone in the yard because he does such a great job with other dogs.

Carney Porter: Look at that smiley face. Are you just so cute? Are you so smiley? So sweet. Now, I know you said he’s a little rambunctious, but we haven’t had to worry so far about chewing up any- any type of, like, pillows or things that might make a mess. You haven’t seen any signs of that?

Elizabeth Heineken: No, we haven’t had any problems with that. He mostly just likes to play with other dogs, and sometimes he’ll pick up like a tennis ball or a toy meant for him. But other than that, he’s a really well-behaved dog.

Carney Porter: And you said he was an Australian shepherd and border collie mix that, y’all believe?

Elizabeth Heineken: Yeah, that’s our best guess for him.

Carney Porter: He definitely has the Australian shepherd body. I will give him that, also. And you’ve had him for about a month, which is just so crazy because he’s so sweet. Now, if people were wanting to get in touch with you all about adopting him, how can they do so?

Elizabeth Heineken: We’re always more than happy to answer questions about Warner or any other dog we have on our phone number. And then, he is currently available for adoption. So anyone who wants him can just come out to meet him and then hopefully fill out an application form and take him home.

Carney Porter: Oh, right. Gotcha. Hey, let’s take that graphic off. Let’s look at that cutie patootie right here. We can’t not look at him. Say, look it. Are you so sweet? Oh, you’re so sweet. Now, what is your favorite quality? You seem like you’ve been very taken with them today. What’s your favorite quality about him?

Elizabeth Heineken: Yeah, he is. He’s just a really good dog, and I’m really surprised he hasn’t gone, you know, sooner before now. He’s really good with people, and he’s just really affectionate overall. Like, if you sit down on the ground, he’ll just climb in your lap and cuddle with you, so.

Carney Porter: He knows no stranger. I met him 5 minutes ago and look at us already. He’s a sweet guy. Do you want to leave? You don’t want to leave. You’re going to stay. I know, you’re gonna stay. Well, thank you all so much for joining us. We really appreciate it. And like we said, if you’d like to learn more about how to adopt Warner, you can find that info on our website also. Good boy. Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back. Bye.