Hunting With Soldiers


Hunting with Soldiers provides opportunities to these brave individuals AT NO CHARGE TO THEM.  It is our firm belief that these men and women of uniform have paid enough in blood, sweat, and tears and sacrificed enough for our freedom.  

We do not require that they be an Injured Veteran we just require them to have been to combat to qualify for our Program.

Many injuries are not seen. Many Combat Veterans come back and suffer from PTSD. They are sent to Doctors to discuss their situations as well as given many medications. Due to the fact what they say is most often written down or recorded, many do not discuss everything. When these Men and Women are able to get back into the outdoors and sit around the campfire, they are able to talk with like-minded individuals and tell of their horrors. What they say is never repeated, thus allowing much of their nightmares to disappear with the smoke of the campfire. We call this Outdoor Medication.

We also provide several outdoor adventures for Children of Combat Veterans. What better way to help our goals of healing from PTSD than for the Combat Veteran to go on a hunt with their Son or Daughter. We only require that the child be 16 or younger for these hunts. Our Donors have the satisfaction of knowing that their donations go to all we do for these men, women, & children, not to pay staff. All of our Staff are strictly volunteer.

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