WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Loco for Cinco returns to Wichita this weekend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

The event will be held Saturday, May 6, from 2 to 10 p.m. on Travis Street in the 8th and 9th blocks. Admission for the event is $7.

Carney Porter: Nettie Gurule is joining us here in the studio. She’s here to tell us all about Cinco de Mayo celebrations here in town called Loco for Cinco. It’s coming up. It’s tomorrow’s – yes, it’s Saturday. Saturday. I can’t even keep track of my days. I’m thinking it’s Friday. Thank you so much for joining us, though. So tell us a little bit about the event. It sounds like it’s going to be a good time.

Nettie Gurule: It is. We’ve got several vendors, food vendors and vendors, bands, DJs. We have sanctioned boxing this year, it’s only $7 to get in. And so, yeah, it’s going to be a great time.

Carney Porter: All right. Now you’re talking to somebody who loves their grub. So you talked about all the variety of foods. What can people expect there, too?

Nettie Gurule: I know we have several taco trucks. I know we have a variety of different food.

Carney Porter: Right. Something for everybody.

Nettie Gurule: Not all Mexican. I know LemonHead’s going to be there, so we are going to have that. And so, of course, you know everything you could possibly want.

Carney Porter: What is something you look forward to with this?

Nettie Gurule: I just look forward to seeing how many people we get there. I mean, we- last year was such a big event.

Carney Porter: Right.

Nettie Gurule: And so this year, things- it’s looking, on the books, to be even bigger than it was last year.

Carney Porter: Oh, my goodness. And hopefully we’re going to have some gorgeous, you know, weather times. Please. I know we’re hoping for good weather. Good good vibes only for that. Yeah. And you said it’s only $7 ticket.

Nettie Gurule: Only $7, yes, ma’am.

Carney Porter: Perfect. It sounds like a good time.

Nettie Gurule: And you get everything with those $7.

Carney Porter: Right, what does that mean?

Nettie Gurule: To the boxing, the bands, the DJs, everything else. Of course, you have to pay for your food, but, you know.

Carney Porter: Right.

Nettie Gurule: It is what it is.

Carney Porter: That’s all right. You know, I’m sure they’ll be willing and able. How long is the event happening?

Nettie Gurule: It starts at two. The gates open at two and we’re open till ten. Unless the boxing goes longer.

Carney Porter: All right. An all-day event. It’s a good time to be there. Thank you so much for joining us today. We appreciate it.