WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — River Bend Nature Center is hosting four camps over the summer for kids ages 4 to 11.

The Monday through Friday camps will run from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and cost $100 for RBNC Members and $110 for non-members.

Here are the camps:

  • Nature Rangers: June 5th – June 9th
  • Mad Science Lab: June 19th – June 23rd
  • Roar for Dinosaurs: July 10th – July 14th
  • Crazy ‘Bout Critters: July 24th – July 28th

If the camp you would like is full, call the nature center at (940) 767-0843 to be added to our waitlist. All forms must be received by 6 p.m. the Wednesday before each camp.

Carney Porter: Well, Jennica is joining us now from River Bend Nature Center. She is here to tell us all about the variety of camps coming up in June and July. It’ll be here before we know it, right?

Jennica Lambert: It’s happening. We’ve actually already had one of them fill up. Yeah, don’t wait. Mad Scientist Camp is actually currently full with three other camps to choose from. We have- so we’ve got Nature Rangers coming up June 5th through June 9th, we’re going to be putting on your hiking boots, going outside, scavenging for all kinds of stuff on the trail, looking for insects, looking for bugs.

All of our, all of our summer camps involve hands-on activities and interactions with all with our rescued live exhibits. We’ve got our Roar for Dinosaurs July 10th through the 14th, you’ll have been learning all about dinosaurs. Crazy ‘Bout Critters is July 24th through the 28th, so it’s going to be a fantastic time.

This is a wonderful opportunity for children to get outside. Our mission is connect people to the natural environment of Texas, so don’t miss out.

Carney Porter: It’s a fun time. It’s a great way. It’s creative, too, to have so many different topics of, you know, science and nature. You get to learn so much about all of it, which is great for the kids. So if they want to join all four, they can. It’s a great time and it’s happening early in the morning. So if they’re outdoors, maybe it won’t get as hot.

Jennica Lambert: So it’s first thing. We started it, it’s like it’s.

Carney Porter: 8:30.

Jennica Lambert: And it goes until noon. So it’s, but it’s in the middle of the day when it’s not like, you know, you don’t regret your life choices.

Carney Porter: They go to the pool- can go to the pool later after they’re all done.

Jennica Lambert: Exactly.

Carney Porter: Now, it is $100 for members if they would like to sign up for a camp and then $110 for nonmembers.

Jennica Lambert: So you get a $10 discount if you are a member of River Bend. You can register on our website at riverbendnaturecenter.org. If you have poor technology, you can go to our- our gift shop and fill out a paper copy. I would do it soon. I wouldn’t wait. All of our pre-K sections, I believe, are full for every single camp. So right now we’re only accepting applications for ages 6 through 11. So don’t wait.

Carney Porter: Don’t miss out. Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate it. Don’t go anywhere.