WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Sheppard Air Force Base is honoring those who retired from the military.

Master Sergeants Jay and Linda Klasek visited our studio to talk about the event coming up on Saturday, March 25.

Carney Porter: Well, next Saturday, Sheppard Air Force Base is honoring those who retired from the military. Retired Master Sergeant Linda Klasek and retired Master Sergeant Jay Klasek are here to tell us all about the event. Thank y’all so much for being here today.

MSgt. Linda Klasek: Thank you for having us.

Carney Porter: Absolutely. So tell us a little bit about the event for those who may not be aware.

MSgt. Linda Klasek: Well, it’s basically, we try to inform the retirees and try to get a get together where they can talk to other retirees. We have door prizes to convince them that it’s a good thing to come out for, and we will feed them at lunch time. So it’s it’s a way of getting the retiree community back together since after COVID. Because after COVID, everybody had just went into their little homes.

Carney Porter: I know, and it’s been quite a while. You were telling me it’s been five years since this has happened. How important is it to maintain that sense of community within this group of individuals?

MSgt. Jay Klasek: It’s very important because as we work at the office, we get numerous phone calls of people wanting to know information or need numbers to call. And this is a way to kind of catch up and get them back involved with the services that are provided for retirees, which is so important to everybody.

Carney Porter: And what it must be – you’re retirees as well. So it holds a special place in your heart. What are you hoping down the line for this now that we’re kind of emerging from COVID and we can maybe get together a little more often, what do you hope for the future for those retirees?

MSgt. Linda Klasek: Well, I’m hoping that everyone is more informed, you know, that there’s always different things that are coming up and changes in the military. Same thing with the retirees. So it’s a way for them to have a better contact with us and to spread the word of all the changes that are coming on.

Carney Porter: That’s a great way to do it.

MSgt. Jay Klasek: And then we’re going to have people like Blue Cross Blue Shield and TRICARE and other agencies that’ll be there to answer questions and get them back informed of what’s going on.

Carney Porter: Really informative day, like you said, and it’s happening March 25th. Correct. It’s going to be on base at Sheppard Air Force Base at the Event Center. All right. And it’s 9 to 1. All right.

MSgt. Linda Klasek: And Colonel Peterson will be the- he’s the Vice Commander that will be welcoming the retirees and surrounding, you know, getting around with them.

Carney Porter: Well, that would be great. Well, don’t miss out, and we’ll have that information on our website. Thank you both for joining us this morning.

MSgt. Linda Klasek: We appreciate it.