The Whiteside Museum of Natural History 5 year anniversary celebration

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The Whiteside Museum of Natural History will be hosting its five-year anniversary celebration at the Whiteside Museum grounds from 10 to 4 pm on June 8th, 2019. 

They will be unveiling multiple new major exhibits, including: 

  • A full-size Triceratops skull.
  • A complete Dimetrodon skeleton collected less than 5 miles from the museum.
  • A complete Seymouria baylorensis skeleton, the first of which since around 1901 and the first to stay in Texas permanently. 

There will be multiple activities for families including fossil giveaways and more. 

Live music will be held on the museum grounds with guest band, The Bodarks.

The fossil beds of Seymour date back to more than 287 million years, and have been collected since the late 1870s by famous institutions such as the Smithsonian, the American Museum of Natural History, and others. 

Prior to the Whiteside Museum’s existence, no fossils ever remained in Texas as they were shipped to these institutes and other museums all over the world. 

With the Whiteside Museum’s dedication to collect, preserve, and exhibit to the public, the incredible fossils found in North Texas, these treasures of the natural world will remain in Seymour, and Texas, forever.

The most important discovery this year is the complete Seymouria baylorensis, a reptile-amphibian link named for the town of Seymour in 1910. 

The Whiteside Museum of Natural History’s discovery of an exceptional skeleton is the first found in Baylor County since approximately 1901. 

The incredibly rare and unique specimen will fill in the missing gaps in the evolution of reptiles and amphibians that date back to more than 287 million years ago. 

Most importantly, Seymour now has its own Seymouria baylorensis. This specimen will be unveiled for the public during the event as well.

DATE: Saturday, June 8th, 2019

PLACE: The Whiteside Museum of Natural History; 310 N. Washington; Seymour, Texas; 76380

TIME: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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